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We offer Network Design, Server Support, Security, Hardware Services, Storage & Backup Solutions

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NETWORK DESIGN: Complete Network Design

LAN, WAN, MPLS, and more — Advanced Network Solutions makes it simple for your business to get the infrastructure it needs. Whether implementing a new network, upgrading an existing one or simply adding an application, we provide end-to-end service. By designing and implementing networks, we help your business operate more efficiently

e-XPERTS provides a range of network solutions for clients both small and large, ranging from residential premises, through small and medium sized offices, and up to and including hotel-sized deployments. Using both in-house assets and also by working with local partners, e-XPERTS can provide:-

  • Robust Power Infrastructure (UPS / Inverter systems)
  • Structured Cabling
  • Wireless Networking
  • IP PABX Systems
  • VoIP Solutions
  • VPNs for remote workers
  • Network Firewalls
  • Fiber Optic Solution
  • Desktop Computers, Laptops and Printers
  • Software’s
  • Security Surveillance Products and Solutions
  • Network & Telecommunications Products
  • Time Attendance and Access Control Systems
  • Wireless Security Products
  • Annual Maintenance Contract
  • Audio & Video Conferencing Solutions.
  • Desktop Computer & Laptops on Rental.

Security Solution

Get the data storage you need and pay as you go. Avoid unnecessary capital expenditures, mitigate technology risk, and scale capacity up or down to your requirements with e-XPERTS - Storage solutions.

Key Areas
  • Risk Assessment
  • Virus Management
  • Firewall and VPN
  • Security Audit
  • Intrusion Prevention

Our consulting and design offerings cater to the specific needs of each customer based on their business critical parameters, and this is brought about by the in-depth analysis done by us to relate your requirements to security functionality and hence the best-fit solution. We believe that technology is an enabler of your business and also of your security.

As connectivity increases, so does the risk of network attacks. In this environment, two factors drive the need for a security system: the need to maintain the integrity of data communications and the need to protect intellectual property and information assets.

WIRELES SOLUTIONS: The ability to respond quickly gives you an edge on the competition. Let e-XPERTS simplify mobilizing your workforce tailored for the size of your business or your level of IT infrastructure support with hardware with built-in mobile and wireless capabilities along with best-in-class mobile solutions. To protect against any potential security issues, 802.11 wireless communications have a function called WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy), a form of encryption which provides privacy comparable to that of a traditional wired network. If the wireless network has information that should be secure then WEP should be used, ensuring the data is protected at traditional wired network levels.

Storage and Backup Solutions

e-XPERTS have been providing organizations with industry leading data storage solutions for over 10 years. Our team of in-house data storage experts are on hand to provide impartial advice on the best tape, disk or software based data storage solution for your organization.

Buy Enterprise Class LTO Tape including leading LTO5 technology, Tape Libraries, Disk Storage, Data Protection Software & other Backup & Restore solutions under one friendly roof at the most competitive prices from leading Enterprise Storage Vendors all in stock for immediate delivery.

Class leading De-duplication products and solutions are helping our customers ever growing data g mountainwith Tiered Archive products to help with overflowing Storage Area Network and Network Attached Storage.


e-XPERTS can advise on IT purchases to help you choose a solution suited to your requirements and budget. IT can source and supply all kinds of IT equipment including :-

  • Servers
  • Workstations
  • Laptops and Notebooks
  • Tablets
  • Switches
  • Wireless Infrastructure
  • UPS & Inverter/Charger systems
  • Structured Cabling
  • Communications Cabinets

Server Support: Server Solutions

Whether for data storage, applications or Web sites, the heart of a business's IT infrastructure is its servers. Consequently, Server management and support poses numerous challenges for businesses.

Key Areas
  • Consolidation
  • Server Migration
  • Server Management
  • Server Sizing
  • Capacity Planning

Reduce service/support costs, Security threats and TCO, improve customer service, and control Server sprawl with Midrange Systems Services from e-Xperts . Our Server services align your systems with business goals so you can leverage opportunities, count on consistent, predictable performance and stay on top of change in a competitive world. These services are focused on consolidating systems, centralizing system management framework, reducing data fragmentation and standardizing processes. For instance, a Server consolidation exercise for a leading company helped the client reduce the number of Servers by 50% for ease of administration and enhanced performance.